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Located on the western edge of Russia, Ukraine has a population of more than 50 million. The dissolution of the Soviet Union started an economic transition, in which Ukraine was stricken with a depression it has yet to recover from. The average monthly wage is $355 and the country's divorce rate is ranked fifth in the world. Its capital city, Kyiv, is recognized as a significant supplier to human trafficking. High levels of poverty, unemployment, and alcoholism contribute to parents being unable to care for their own children. With more than 50,000 street kids living in the Ukraine and many of them turning to prostitution, the AIDS epidemic is increasing to one of the highest in the world.

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​​Where: Chernivtsi area
WyldLife Camp | 2021 Dates To Be Announced.
Encourage and serve pre-teens through leadership, games, hiking and exploring the beautiful camp.

YoungLives Camp | 2021 Dates To Be Announced.
Encourage young moms by caring for their babies and young children and helping with programs so they can enjoy freedom at camp.

​Teen Summer Camp | 2021 Dates To Be Announced.
Experience Young Life summer camp. Enjoy hiking, assisting with programs and games, and loving on the kids from the local communities. This trip includes tours of castles, cathedrals and historic sites in beautiful western Ukraine.

Capernaum Camp | 
2021 Dates To Be Announced.
Help fulfill this need by caring for special kids. Bring your best games and jokes to lead camp progr​ams and lift others up!

Cost varies depending 
on length of stay and airfare.

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To sign up or if you have more questions, contact Carrie Fraser or call 719-381-1774.

Visit Young Life Ukraine

Why we go and serve and the impact we have.

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Young Life Ukraine mentors and educates these kids, offering scholarships and safe interim housing programs, modeling healthy family lifestyles, and providing emotional support, sports programs and community outreach. The Young Life centers give the kids a place to congregate and learn about Jesus through the love and care shown by Young Life leaders.
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