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Iryna Utkina

Iryna grew up in a home with an alcoholic father and then an abusive step-father and came to the conclusion that she would be better off never having a family of her own. She avoided being home as much as possible and spent her time on the streets with friends, feeling hopeless.
Natasha Tsurkan

Natasha remembers being invited to Young Life club many times before finally saying yes to attending a Young Life summer camp in 2001. Camp was an amazing experience for Natasha, and it was there she first encountered Jesus as a friend, not a strict and distant God.
Oleg Kravetsky

When Oleg was about eight years old, his family began to attend church and came to know God. Though his dad was instrumental in leading the family to church, his alcoholism eventually broke the family apart.
Olga Martsenyuk

Olga was led to God as a teenager through the example of her mother. She became involved with Young Life in 1995 and has served in many roles.
Pavel Soloshenko

Pavel grew up in a Christian family, but as a teen, he hung out with kids on the street who taught him to drink and smoke. When Pavel became ill, his pastor prayed for him.
Sasha Golovata

Sasha grew up hearing about God, but not knowing Him. When she was 12, she was offered a camp scholarship and attended summer camps for many years; at one of those camps Sasha accepted Christ into her heart.
Sasha Gusakov

Sasha remembers a difficult childhood — he was bullied at school and had an alcoholic father at home. In college, he had a friend who connected him to Young Life, and his life was never the same.
Tanya Nasedkina

When Tanya was four years old, her parents were killed in a car accident. Her aunt and uncle raised her and her sister, but she always missed having her parent’s love and questioned why God would allow such tragedy.
Vadim Isopesku

As a child, Vadim attended church with his believing grandmother. He was aware of God’s work in his heart at an early age, and at 11 years old, he decided to follow Jesus.
Volodimir Grigorchuk

Volodimir grew up knowing about Jesus and attended Young Life clubs as a young teen. However, as he grew older, he decided to forget about God and his church friends and began drinking with the "cool" crowd of kids.
Volodimir Lazarev

Volodimir came to know the Lord reading through the Bible, and he accepted Jesus as Savior in 1999. Since then he has become involved with Young Life leading Capernaum, WyldLife, YoungLives, and Young Life College.
Yana Sirkova

Yana was born into a typical family where her dad was a tractor driver and her mom a cook. Her childhood was carefree and happy. Sometimes she visited church with her grandmother and she prayed to God when her dad began drinking alcohol.



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